Why does Zhuge Liang have a soft spot for this ugly woman?

By ardi198102
Why does Zhuge Liang have a soft spot for this ugly woman

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https://www.akr-schult.de/13-cat/dating_29.html Speaking of Zhuge Liang in the Three Kingdoms period, I believe that everyone is familiar with it. Zhuge Liang’s clever tricks are in the planning stage and the battle is thousands of miles away. It is admirable. “.

promo codes for royal ace casino lushly This woman is called Huang Yueying, and her real name is Huang Shuo. She is the daughter of Henan celebrity Huang Chengyan. Ye Shi wrote that her body was strong, her hair was yellow, her skin was black, and some goosebumps were growing on it. On the surface, it doesn’t match Zhuge Liang. But why does Zhuge Liang have a soft spot for this ugly girl?

ivomec 500ml Before Liu Bei visited the cottage, Zhuge Liang lived in seclusion in Maolongli, Wolonggang, Nanyang, Henan, day and night. Under the hillside of Wollongong is a yellow member who knows Zhuge Liang’s talents and often goes to Zhuge Liang to discuss his knowledge.

And Zhuge Liangliang, the Huang member, is also very respectful. Soon, the two became friends. Huang Yuanwai often pointed his daughter Huang Yueying at Zhuge Liang, saying that his daughter was a talented girl. Although some people said that Miss Huang’s appearance was extremely ugly, Zhuge Liang admired her very much.

Later, Huang Yuanwai wanted him to be his son-in-law. He showed his meaning to Zhuge Liang, and Zhuge Liang was quite satisfied. No matter what the looks are, talent is the most important. So when he went home, he asked the sister-in-law to go to the Huang family to propose. Huang Yuanwai was very happy, but Miss Huang let Zhuge Liang go for a blind date.

On this day, Zhuge Liang arrived at Huang Yuan’s house as promised. The second door was closed tightly, and he double-tapped, and the door opened automatically. When he got started, the door closed again. Suddenly the two dogs rushed out and screamed and screamed. At this time, a girl came slowly and patted the dog’s forehead and twisted the dog’s ears. I didn’t expect these two dogs Quickly to run away. Zhuge Liang polished it. Here are two wooden dogs with dog skins stitched on the outside. Zhuge Liang said with emotion: This Miss Huang is clever!

Zhuge Liang quickly flashed to the side and hid. The tiger made another four or five strikes, and he hid. But as soon as the tiger got better, the tiger suddenly flew off, hit the wooden board, and fell so loudly that it fell to the ground. Kong Ming took a closer look, this tiger is a wooden shell, iron viscera, the workmanship is fine, and it can even be fake.

Zhuge Liang looked around and saw what was hanging on top. After experiencing double thrills, Zhuge Liang finally saw Huang Yuan. Huang Yuanwai was sorry: “The little girl is playing around, you are scared if you are tired. I am so sorry!” A picture of “Cao Family Palace Reading and Reading” was quickly explained by Huang Yuanwai: “This picture is a little girl casually painting It ’s fun to make Mr. laugh. ”Zhu Geliang was so glad that such a woman was a treasure to marry home! So he quickly worshipped his father-in-law.

Later, Zhuge Kongming became married to this talented and strange woman Huang Yueying. The two learned from each other and learned from each other. Huang Yueying gave full play to his talents and invented the “wooden cow stray horse” and “crossbow” for Zhuge Liang. He has a good family and handles everything big and small, so that Zhuge Liang has no worries, and she is also the pillar of his career strength.